Bostonian Ponte Custom Taper Engagement Ring

$ 625.00

Unique Taper Crown Engagement Ring

"Ponte" meaning bridge in many languages has become popular way to express your love by hanging a padlock to represent your everlasting love .

Bostonian Ponte engagement ring is created for your round gemstone or one from our collection. The unique crown of this design is created unique to each gemstone.  Yes, each one is created specifically for your stone. The profile follows the pavilion of the gemstone in an extreme angle to allow for a lean band and to wear a straight band flush.

Ponte engagement ring is offered in two sizes online, but can be created for you in any size.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

More information:

  • Cost is for the mounting only, center not included
  • Arrives in an elegant presentation box
  • Created in Boston, MA 

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