Antique Edwardian Turquoise and Seed Pearl Ring

$ 675.00

Antique Turquoise and Pearl Pendant Ring


Antique turquoise and seed pearl ring;  This cross knuckle ring is an antique bar pin meticulously hand set with seed pearls and turquoise converted into ring. The technique used to set these little gems is called pave ( Pah- vay ) which is essentially creating a bead from the surrounding metal applying enough pressure to hold them permanently in place.

This conversion was completed in our workshop,  giving it a new life and meaning. The turquoise and pearls are all original to the period of time.  This is a one-of-a kind piece, available for immediate delivery or in-store pick up.

More information:

  • Turquoise and seed pearls with frame circa 1940
  • 14 karat yellow gold
  • Arrives in an elegant presentation box 

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