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Three generations of old world craftsmanship are now combined with breakthrough technologies, like laser welding and CAD modeling, to give old pieces new life. If only our jewelry could talk, the stories they could tell.  Bostonian's experience lies in the ability to reveal some of that history, as well as secure a long journey for your heirlooms.  

Bostonian Jewelers can restore even the most intricate antique and period jewelry.  With fine detailed work, Bostonian can restore your piece to the original condition, well known for exceptional restorations in platinum and other fine metals for generations, with recent advancements technology, they truly seem limitless.  From stainless steel eyeglass frames and small metal collectibles to your favorite costume jewelry passed on from earlier generations. 

Bostonian's restoration services are built on a foundation of the impossible challenge of reversing years of wear or an unfortunate accident. Hagop Matossian has been willing to take on these challenges and find new and creative ways to approach each one. Hagop Matossian, an antique and fine period jewelry expert, is viewed by his peers in the industry as a pioneer in laser welding techniques.  For the past 37 years, Hagop Matossian has collaborated with dealers and private collectors on restoration and alteration projects.

If your project requires special attention, an appointment with Hagop Matossian is recommended. Contact today 

From design to delivery.  All work is completed on-site.  Many projects are available as a while-you-wait service.  Call us for wait times and availability.  

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